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Share the Anime With Everyone

We don't spend advertising dollars (until Facebook ocassionally decides to give us free credits), so there is very little that we can do on our own to spread the word and grow our audience. The biggest way that you can help support our show is by sharing it with your friends! Send them a link to our website or to your favorite episode so that we can share the bad anime with everyone.

Additionally, you can leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. We know it's cliché and that you hear it on every podcast, but boosting our rating on iTunes really can help us grow.

Support us Directly

Colin & Kayla record, produce, edit, and host the podcast entirely on their own. We have no employees, volunteers, or networks to help us with the financial or time commitments required to create the show. As a result, we pay for the podcast out-of-pocket and use equipment that we purchase. We use minimal interstitial ads in the show, but they recoop only a fraction of what we pay each month.