Episode 54 — Darling in the Franxx

October 18, 2021

Artwork for the Darling in the Franxx anime series


Show Notes

When humanity is threatened by ferocious monsters, society depends on children trained to pilot battle robots called Franxx. When a mysterious and skilled pilot named Zero Two meets a boy named Hiro, the world might finally have the heroes they desperately need.

This one has a mild parental warning! Darling in the Franxx uses some sexual imagery and innuendo, and it would be difficult to have a serious discussion about the anime without describing some of that. It's nothing major, but listener discretion I suppose.

Topics discussed: mecha anime, Evangelion, child soldiers, post-apocalypse, Studio Trigger, A-1 Pictures, collaborative animation, sexual innuendo, robots


Colin Hemphill
Kayla Hemphill